The 2 Years That …

… everyone said would destroy our son!

When we started planning years ago to travel through the US states enroute to moving to Mexico … well, let’s just say that we were met with numerous opinions … the most popular one ~ we’ll ruin the kids’ lives.  In the end, the older kids chose to stay in BC and only Mackenzie embarked on the ‘unknown’.

Everyone thought we were crazy (hence the name ‘ourcrazeeadventure’) 😉 and perhaps we were then … and still are a little now!

As we sit resting and awaiting repairs in Tucson (enroute back to BC, Canada) I’ve had time to reflect on an issue that we heard a lot about during this process and would like a moment or two to address a few things …

So now let me now tell you all the ways we’ve ruined our son forever…

1) He’s learned a second language.

  • Our child is becoming bilingual – he’s not fluent (yet) but we’re working on it!  How awful are we?!

2) He had the opportunity to visit numerous museums, cities and historic sites throughout the US.

  • He’s experienced hands on what others only learn in books.  Oh the horror!

3) He has discovered the wonder of nature rather than electronics.

  • Swimming in the ocean, kayaking, swimming in cenotes, watching Sea Turtles lay nests, watching the babies hatch and journey to the sea, hiking through the jungle, playing on the beach, etc… But hey, you keep enjoying your television.

4) He attended International School for 1 year.

  • Surely he didn’t learn anything here right?  Well, he has learned about acceptance, understanding, other cultures and how they live and he has met some extraordinary children.  I know, we’ve scarred him!

5) He has learned a new appreciation for those less fortunate.

  • Mack met many homeless individuals along our travels through the US and listened to their stories.  He now understands that homelessness can happen to anyone and that it does not discriminate.  Everyone can fall on hard times, lose their job resulting in the loss of their home.  Homeless people are not just drug addicts … everyone has a story.  How dare we?!

6) He has learned about eco-systems, sustainable living, protected animals and solar building.

  • He has a knowledge and understanding that most adults don’t have.  Terrible parenting, I know!

7) He has developed a palate for cuisine from many cultures and different nationalities.

  • It took a while, but then we discovered it was easier to get him to try new foods by making it a game, having him close his eyes and try to guess all the ingredients he tasted.  It worked 😉 I’m so evil!

8) His curiosity has increased immensely.

  • His curiosities currently include green living (he’s SERIOUS about his recycling), solar power, economics, politics, world aid, natural fuel sources, clean water resources, finances and history (all of it ~ he wants to know EVERYTHING, and those who know him know what I’m talking about) 😉  ~ and this just includes a few! I know, I deserve the ‘Worst Mother of The Year’ award!

9) His possessions have a different value to him.

  • Now I’m not going to lie, he does still like his toys, however he is now a child that will give his toys to any child he meets that doesn’t have any.  Ex:  On our way to Tulum in 2012, we stopped in a little wonderful place called ‘Puebla’.  At the campground there, we met the lovely security man who happened to have his little boy at work with him.  Although he spoke no English and Mack no Spanish, Mack took some of his Lego,  Coca~Cola and some chocolate bars and gave them to the little boy.  On our way back to BC in late 2014, we stopped at the same campground.  When we pulled in, the guard remembered Mack and starting crying.  Before we left, he was given Mack’s Vancouver Canadian’s Toque and favorite RCMP sweatshirt (so his little boy would have a piece of Canada) and some more Lego.  Clearly I’ve not taught my children the gift of sharing/giving!

10)He has experienced something his friends will most likely never experience.

  • He had 2 years of being able to play outside (in the ocean, pool, park, school or whereever he was) all day and night just like we used to when we were kids … without fear … without dodging bullets, street racers, attackers, kidnappers, gangs and drug dealers.  I never thought I’d be able to say to my children … ‘Have fun honey, come home when it gets dark’! … but I did and Mack got a chance that most children around the world don’t get ~ playing with freedom, confidence and safety!  How amazing it was to be able to look out and watch him from the window playing in the ocean, exploring nature, feeding the iguanas, etc…  Shit, someone better call the authorities!

Now of course there were times when I sat and cried and thought ‘OMG, what am I doing to him? I’ve ruined him and destroyed his life’ … and then I realized that as a parent we do that all the time, with every decision we question.  Only Mack can tell you if we’ve destroyed his life so go ahead, ask him!

uyvs ~ xoxo 

5 thoughts on “The 2 Years That …

  1. Ruin your childs life???? maybe somebody a bit jealous? Macky has had a better schooling in the 2 years you were away than he would EVER get in a classroom and that little mind of his has taken it all in like a sponge.He is so inquisitive about so many things and not afraid to ask questions or try new things, like you said, he has learned and tried more things in 2 yrs than adults do in a life time and will stay with him always, the best schooling of a lifetime and don’t let anyone ever tell you any different. You and Les are wonderful parents and it shows in all 3 of your kids, you did a great job Mommy and Daddy! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. Damn! I went through the whole thing, read every word, watched all the videos. I will not tell you I shed a tear or two, or maybe three. As I sit here at my desk watching the people below, from my lofty perch on the fourth floor, as they walk by down the street, I can’t help but think how I wish that so many were not so self-absorbed, so blind, so lost. You have lived more in the past few years than most have in their entire lifetime. You have nothing to apologize for, nothing to regret, you lived life the way it should be lived, and you and Les, and your son are so much richer for it. Thank you for being my friends.

    Now, let’s see what’s around the next corner. The adventure’s not over yet!

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