Lessons Learned

Throughout our lives, we have all learned many valuable lessons.  Some we learn from and some we choose to ignore.  Let’s go over a few of the lessons many of us learned growing up but have clearly let slip to the sidelines …

  • Respect for EVERYONE
  • Morals
  • Judgement is NOT our career
  • Discipline
  • Tolerance
  • Everyone is EQUAL
  • Ignorance is NOT acceptable
  • People w/ diabilities ARE just as capable as we are

Those were the rules in my home growing up and I know many of you were raised by those same rules so what happened?  What happened to society?  I wasn’t raised in a time where abusing (either verbally or physically) the homeless was a regular or acceptable occurance.  Why is it that we are teaching our young children/grandchildren intolerance and discrimination? ~ we need to stop and realize that in doing this we are creating the bullies of the future and perhaps the present.

Homelessness is a fact that needs to be treated with compassion and understanding.  Granted there are those who choose a life on the streets but gone are the days where they are the totality of this group.   Two immediate assumptions when seeing someone living on the streets is lazy and/or drug addict.  And that people is our ignorance at work.  Society needs to understand that many homeless people are not homeless by choice.  Some have lost their jobs resulting in the lose of their homes, some have medical conditions and can’t afford both expenses so they’ve had to choose medicine over living in a home, some come from such horrific abuse that the streets feel safer and some are more like you and me than you’ll probably want to admit.  Regardless of the reasons it is not now, nor has it ever been our place to judge, harass or humiliate these people.  We weren’t raised this way so why are we sitting on our asses and not speaking up for those who can’t speak for themselves?

We all need a refresher course in the lessons our parents taught us.

Just sayin’ 

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