Jimmy Hooks

Ok, so I have to admit, I didn’t think these items were as fantastic as they turned out to be when we first bought them, however, after living in our RV…..there came a point when an echo of my voice was heard saying ‘where the hell am I gonna’ hang all this stuff?’

Alas…the Jimmy Hooks!  We found this great product at the RV Show in Abbotsford a few years back and all I can say is wow!  If you are a full-timer, you know what I mean!

Full-timing in an RV is much different than full-timing in a 5th wheel or travel trailer, especially with a pre-teen on board!  Space … doesn’t exist!  These Jimmy Hooks allow a solution for lack of space!


keys_4-300x300 wine6-300x300

For an array of uses, visit www.jimmyhook.com today!  You won’t be disappointed!

One thought on “Jimmy Hooks

  1. Hello Crazee Family

    Well have to say thanks for all the info you have provided on your blog.
    keep up the good work.Thanks for the Jimmy hook tip saved me a lot
    of time ,they work great hope they expand the ine of goods.

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