Our Next ‘Crazee Adventure’

Ever dreamed of selling everything and moving to a foreign country to live a simpler life?  We did ~ so in 2012, after years of research, we sold our house and our company here in BC, built a 5 bedroom dream jungle villa in the heart of a pristine eco preserve on 5 acres and began life in Mexico in March of 2013.

Well, like many well planned ideas…things didn’t quite go as expected! I have to admit, because of the unexpected health issues, I had a ‘hate on’ for Mexico like you wouldn’t believe and wanted nothing more than to sell the house and get back home, to Canada. Well, we did that and here we are, having arrived back December 24th/2014. The best part about being back … seeing my babies n’ my bro whenever I want! Because family is what life is all about!

Being back, and finally being healthy and back up to a healthy 112lbs (yay), I’ve realized it wasn’t Mexico I hated…it was solely being sick and enduring a rough year of recovery without friends and family there with me, that I hated. Becoming ill in a foreign country is never fun, especially when it isn’t ‘the plan’ and you’re alone. However we navigated, perservered and survived!

Every day my heart aches a little for the dream we had that went ascue and the dream house that is now for sale however, I realize a little more each day that dreams can be re-planned and re-approached and re-conquered. Our dream was Mexico and we will be back! ♥

PS – Despite everything, YES, I would recommend everyone follow their dreams, no matter where they may take you … because you are for sure in for an adventure! Life is too short ~ LIVE!

Stay tuned and follow our next ‘Crazee Adventure’

uyvs ~ xoxo 

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