Pregancy is a time in a woman’s life that is wonderful, scary, exhausting, beautiful and full of ‘unknowns’.  This is a period, in my opinion, where a woman is at her sexiest and most beautiful! So in saying that, I was outraged to be watching the news only to see a pregnant staff member being bashed.

Pregnancy can be an insecure time period, espcecially with the changing hormones, the body changes, etc… for many women.  The fact that people feel the need to try and make these feelings worse for someone is disgusting and shameful.  Words linger and words ‘hurt’, as Kristi herself says.

To all the pregnant women everywhere, NEVER let anyone make you feel any less than you are.  You are beautiful, you are sexy and you are growing a tiny human  And that is an extraordinary miracle.

Keep rockin’ those bellies 

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