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Living full time in an RV can be challenging. Power hookups, sewer, water, sometimes cables, you get the picture. After spending almost 3 years now in our RV seeing The US, Mexico and parts of Canada, what keeps coming to mind is how interesting things can be when you look outside the box. State Parks, Campgrounds, RV Resorts and simulations of all the above are all places we have stayed.

But most recently, we discovered something new ~ a way to stay and be part of the community ~ to get a true sense of where you are staying. We recently came across a website called www.RVwithME.com.  After discovering this website, it brought another adventure to mind. How great would it be to stay at a Winery? A Farm? Or even within the city in a neighborhood? RVwithME offers new exciting ways to travel and see the world!

Whether you’re a full-timer or just a weekender, there are new and exciting options for your stay! Whether you’re a farmer or a Vineyard owner with land and you’d like to host RVer’s … new opportunities are just around the corner!

During our travels, we met people from all over the world. Some people we met had come from Germany, England, Switzerland, Argentina, Mexico, and so many more and the cultural experiences were wonderful!

So, are you travelling this season? Not sure where to stay?  Connect with RVwithME.com where you will be given the tools you will need to start a meeting point with like minded RVer’s, find great hosts to book with, wonderful places to stay and everything you need to know about hosting RVer’s.

A new travel experience is exploding! Join the community today that is changing the way RVer’s experience travel!

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