Words Hurt

… and so does ignorance.  I just finished watching a video called ‘The Homeless Read Mean Tweets’ but I have yet to stop crying.

What is wrong with you, with people?  Seriously?  ‘If home is where the heart is, then are homeless people heartless?’  I’m astonished that anyone could even say that!  Shame on you, on all of you who treat people affected by homelessness this way.  These are people just like us and they do NOT derserve disrespect.

Educate yourself!  Homelessness does NOT discriminate.  Laugh all you want, but this can be you sooner than you think.  Too many people think people living on the streets are there because they are drug addicts.  That is not the case.  Yes, there are drug addicts, but there are also single parents, War Vets, honest hard working people who have been laid off to to economics, victims of domestic violence or any kind of violence, retirees who can no longer afford their homes or medicines, etc …  You don’t know their story, therefore you have no right to judge.  I just hope that you receive better treatment than you have given if you ever find yourself in their position.  Homeless people (regardless of what you think) don’t always need a hand-out, but a ‘hand-up’ once in a while can make a difference you may never understand.

Everyone is entitled to their opinions, however one should not voice theirs unless they have done their research and know the facts (and should perhaps teach their children to do the same).

We met one such wonderful person in Texas.  His name is Leonard.  Les offered to buy him a cup of coffee and chat and so they did, for hours.  He was living in his car at the Flying J Truck Stop and he shared his story.  He was a Special Education teacher for over a decade however budget restraints his position was cut.  Due to the budget restaints, he couldn’t get a new job at these restaints were not just his school, but budget cuts to the State.  When he lost his job, his wife left and took the children … and now he lives in his car.  The following morning we found a note on our door… and here is my post from that morning March 8th, 2013 …


… just sayin’ …

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