A Love Letter

Dear Les,

Where do I start? Boy we’ve sure had some times haven’t we?

I look back through all the years … and quietly wonder how we made it this far. Oh those early years ~ if walls could talk. Neither one of us knew what we were getting into eh?

You, my dear, are NOT the easiest person to live with. How I fondly (with slight aggravation) look back at all the times I just wanted to kick .. your .. ass !! No, SERIOUSLY!  I don’t believe there is anyone one else alive who can frustrate me, piss me off, or drive me bat-shit crazee like you can! (I think my lack of alcoholism should be awarded AND rewarded) 😉

However there is also no one else alive who has my back, or my heart like you do 

I often enjoy just sitting in silence and reminiscing … ah, memories. A flash of flying hotdogs sees a smile cross my face. Memories of those panicked soother searches still make my blood pressure rise just a little. Old pictures of the kids, so little, in their tiny wedding outfits still warms my heart. Little snot filled noses @ Disneyland streams tears of remembered joy & CHAOS. 😉 Our son’s birth still brings forth every known & unknown emotion possible and with that every gratitude I encompass. Echoes of jackhammers and child/spouse labor still have me raising an eyebrow and telling my peeps ‘if I ever agree to a renovation again you know I’ve been drugged and who to look at’ !!!.  And yes, they WILL find you! 😉

Septic tanks ~ LMFAO! Bobcats ~ not so much! Carport doors ~ who needs ‘em? Fences ~ the wind did it. Your new surround sound, it just started itself on fire. Stuck in concrete ~ I can laugh about it now. The mosh pit & eggs ~ I laugh out loud every time I think of the eyes!

Our travels … The experiences the kids will forever have memories of are the greatest gift a mother could have, thank-you. And of course the adventures we had everywhere we went were well, … let’s NOT discuss Cabo!

Ah … our fights, our giggles, our tears, our joys, our hurts, our highs, our smiles, our screams, our lows, our words – oh those words, our frustrations, our fears, our unknowns, our battles, our victories, our great times, our lessons, our scares and our hard times; those hard times where we refused to give up and fought like hell to get through ~ those are times that made us WE. And here WE are, closing in on 20 years of marriage. Who woulda’ thunk it?

Most importantly, thank-you. Yes, I’ll admit that I’m even harder to live with than you are so thank-you for allowing my crazee ass soul to fly!

Les, the family we started out as is not the family we are today, and for that I thank-you. The amazing, hilarious, blended, strong, awesome, loving, unique, crazee family we are is absolutely perfect 

The bad times still bring tears to my eyes; the good times still make my heart dance but the best times are yet to come baby so fasten your seatbelt and hang on to your holyshit bar! 😉

I love you 

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