Living La Vida RV

Ever wonder what it’s like to LIVE in an RV?

Well what I can say is, it’s definitely interesting that’s for sure!

A 37 foot Class A Bunk Model sounds awesome right?  Right!  A big unit with a lot of space right?  I thought it was too (in the beginning) and then we went from taking small little adventures to living full time in our RV.  Going from making sure everything we needed for quick(ish) trips was done & ready to pondering my common daily dilemma of ‘where the hell am I supposed to put that?’ was a little harder to adjust to than I thought it would be.  How you decide on space I’ve learned, is very important to how your life will be in an RV, so be wise in your choices.  Life can begin to overflow around the same time as the drawers and cupboards !!!

My days went from planning small getaways & adventures (and of course ALWAYS forgetting to bring something) to wondering how to make this thing bigger, wider & taller!  Especially with mimi-man having at least 6 more years at home.  If you are full timing with a kid(s) you’ll definitely know what I’m talking about,  The lack of space increases more and more over time (very quickly if you have a child who owns enough Lego to have shares in the company) and usually ladies and gentlemen, this lack of space issue can drive someone around the bend and back again!  Truly!

Now as much as a pain shrinking space can be, there are great ideas for space saving in an RV.  A couple of my favorites are the Jimmy Hooks and the Gripstics but I look forward to the RV shows every year (well, not me particularly but my husband LOVES the RV shows) so I can keep on top of new products and ideas for living RV life with every possible convenience, or as I refer to it ‘with my boys and their toys’.

The last big toy?  This RV.  The next big toy?  My husband will no doubt come home with something new & adventurous and while I’m standing there asking him what the hell he just did, I’ll be thinking in the back of my mind that regardless of what he got, our CRAZEE adventures will continue.

  What will new toys bring?  More crazee adventures?  For sure!  A change in chaos?  One can hope!  More closet space?  IT BETTER! 😉  A new life?  No, just the same ol’ one that gets better and better with time ♥  

I can’t wait!

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