Magic Jack

What is one cost effective way to stay in touch with friends and family like the old days?

Travelling or moving abroad?

 In 2011 as we began to plan our travels through the USA and on to Mexico where we were building our home, this topic definitely came up! We checked out a number of service providers and at the time, Verizon had a great plan. However it was for a cellphone and accompanying plan and although that was an option, it didn’t provide a means for friends and family to call us without a cost.

Although a number of online options such as Skype were available, they weren’t quite what we were looking for and still did not suit our needs. So after several trial runs, we came across the ultimate product (for us) that met our needs, included a local phone number and it had what we were looking for … it gave family/friends the access to call us voice to voice and vice versa.  MAGIC JACK!

It has a cell phone app that works both on Android and IPhone and the product has no monthly bill, free call waiting, free call forwarding, free Caller ID, free Voicemail and LIVE support.

You can purchase MagicJack at your local Walmart, Best Buy, Rite-Aid or by ordering on-line directly from MagicJack. We have been using ours’ for over 3 years and have to say it was an excellent purchase (again, for us). If your planning to travel long term or just short trips, or if you are a full timer, this is a product we’d recommend for RV life!

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