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If only getting ALL insurance was this easy…

Preparing to relocate to the Yucatan Peninsula in early 2012, my wife and I realized part of our planning had to include taking a serious look at vehicle insurance.  After talking to others, we heard that not all insurance companies at the border were reputable and were advised that not having significant Liability Insurance could end with a visit to a Mexican Jail … definitely not something we wanted to confirm!

We did our own research and finally landed upon Mexpro. They utilize a very simple quoting system and offering several companies to choose from. They all looked pretty similar and were scored very high with AM Best, so we called the number listed. We got through right away to Anjel & Angelica, who were extremely kind, polite and walked us through the different companies (come to find out that all the information regarding the companies was merely a click away on the quote page. Green checks, Red “X”’s). They even offered to process our policy over the phone (no commissions), but we decided that we were confident enough to finish up online, knowing that if we ran into any snags we could easily call back and the agent on the other end could pick up right where we left off (literally).

Upon completion, we immediately received an email with all of our Mexico Vehicle Insurance details including ‘Declarations’ pages as required by the Mexican Authorities and Claims Instructions for both Road Side and Accident Assistance. They even offer a rental car for mechanical breakdown!

Once we arrived in Mexico, our house was still under construction so we decided it would be a good idea to insure the house.  After researching the subject further, we decided to go back to Mexpro to see if they offered House Insurance and if so, what they had to offer.  Needless to say, we went with them for our Mexican Home Insurance needs as well.

And then we had a chance to test our new insurance services.  Wait for it, wait for it … after we settled and routines were born, my wife got to test our insurance services (in the parking lot of the school our son was attending in Mexico), backing up and kissing the car behind her.  Ooops!

Being in a foreign country and having a car accident or any insurance issue for that matter can be a very intimidating thought, however my wife and I can attest to the easy, simple, courteous process we encountered with our Mexico Insurance.  If only ALL Insurance Company encounters left people as at ease as we were!

Check them out, give them a try!

Please remember however, our opinions are based on OUR experiences.



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