Moisture Sucks

Living in a RV can have its challenges because as you travel, your environment is continually changing.  One of the many RV enemies is MOISTURE … this can cause numerous problems not to mention devalue your rig and increase your chances of costly repairs.

Moisture … it has a number of sources.  The weather, taking a shower, cooking, cleaning your dishes … simply because you are in the RV.  To prevent this potential issue, we turned to small dehumidifiers; using one in our bathroom and another in the main area.  On average we empty them once every 3-5 days.  The units are very small and perfect for RV living, rather inexpensive to buy and no messy hazardous chemicals.

We have been running these for well over two years with no issues!

Now if your looking for a more modern look we also have an Ivation ERSDM18 Mini Dehumidifier with Both Peltier & Exclusive ERS Technologies for Power Efficiency & Better Moisture Removal … we do find this one to be a little louder because of the fan but its great !!!!!

To help us understand our environment in the RV, we also have a Humidity Gauge.  It’s magnetic and very easy to use so we have ours on our fridge … it let’s us know when we’re getting too much humidity thus allowing us to adjust the environment before it causes damage.

Whether you live full time in your RV, do extended stays or simply love being a weekend warrior, it’s imperative to control the level of moisture from humidity in your rig!

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