Bottoms Up

When we first started RV’ing, we definitely had a lot to learn!  One lesson we learned during our adventures was that not all water is safe.  I really shouldn’t say it was ‘something’ we learned’ as we’ve always know that all water is not safe, but we were amazed to learn what water really is AND what water really isn’t.  Some of the RV resorts we stayed in had poor water quality yet a corner fuel station had incredible water.  RIGHT?!

This simply enforced our awareness about water and the need to test each time we connect.

Many RV parks have well water along with unknown sources for water supply including: lakes, rivers, reservoirs and city water just to name a few.  Rest areas and fuel stations can be very unpredictable, depending on the location…so we found a product that was very helpful in understanding water quality.  It is very simple to use, small enough to easily store and very inexpensive.

Now along with using our water tester we also use a series of filters.  At our water supply tap, we use the Camco 40042 which is the same as the 40043.  According to Camco, the only difference is packaging (as the 40042 is a 4 pack and does not come with the flexible hose).  This is a great way to pre-filter the water entering your coach.

In the coach, we have a Cartridge filter.  We use a Flow-Pur Carbon Filter Cartridge #6.  We know that not all RV’s have a filtration system installed so its always a good idea to at least have a filter at your water source prior to entering your RV water system!  

The benefits can be priceless.

Happy travels on your adventure.

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