Among many of the things to be done in order to prep for our next adventure was the maintenance required for ‘Fred’, our Jeep.  Part of the this process was to have the transmission checked over and serviced.   After numerous calls to various shops resulting in too many ridiculous quotes, I came across an old friend who has been in the industry for a long long time.

So off we went to visit Atlas Transmission who by the way also rebuilt a transmission for me back in 1992.  After speaking to both Wayne and Jake during a quick test drive (catching up on old times and old friends) Wayne properly got the vehicle into the shop.  They pulled the pan and showed me it was good timing to have it serviced.

They have been at their Langley location since 2006 and once again did a great job for me!  Special thanks to Jake for his work on the jeep and special thanks to Wayne for his care through the service.  If you ever need some service work make sure to give them a call … make sure to say you found them on and they’ll be glad to help you out!


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