Good Ol’ Days

Remember being young and wishing you were adult?!  ‘Cause this childhood shit sucked?!  ‘Cause we knew everything?!

Fast forward to now and …

Yes, I miss the days when things were (or at least seemed) simpler.

Remember when the phone used to ring?

One in the kitchen, one in the basement … look familiar?  Now, if you talked as much as I used to and your momma’ just couldn’t take it anymore (like mine) then maybe you were lucky enough to get a bedroom one too…

 … remember these?  OMG!!! My teenage years all wrapped up on one picture!

Now please don’t get me wrong, I would NOT like to go back and have a do over (those years were scarring enough) but I do miss the differences between now and then.  The carefree way we were able to roll out the door with an echo of ‘be home when the lights come on’, walking by ourselves, riding bikes in the ‘hood (usually with someone else on the handle bars), taking the bus EVERYWHERE … aaahhh the good old days right?

We survived (perhaps entering adulthood with a few less screws) but HEY, we survived!

Right? RIGHT?!
Right? RIGHT?!

And who remembers this?

 Fist fights, dodgeball and the absolute worst … THE SILENT TREATMENT!  Now that’s how you roll when you don’t like someone!  Hmmm, guessing the present can learn a few things from our good ol’ days!

Life was tough back in the day wasn’t it?  We are fossils in the eyes of todays’ kids (so I’m reminded) 😉 which is probably why they don’t understand how we survived without technology.  My answer to that … our bad influence peeps kept us busy 😉 and still do 

From first days of high school – first loves and everything in between, we all have memories (and stories) that have prepared us for this thing called adulthood…

 Share yours if you dare!

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