Are you ready?

Living on the West Coast of Canada, the topic of earthquakes comes up quite frequently.  And as we know, the big one is coming, we just don’t know when.  I can admit I’ve always been of the attitude that ‘yes, it is coming, but not in my lifetime’ so definitely not something I’ve ever paid close attention to.  I think I can safely assume that there are many others of the same attitude out there as well!

However, my opinion slightly changed on the necessity of ‘readiness’ just prior to ‘New Years’ Eve 2015′.  Laying in bed listening to the tv as I tried to dose off, I knew Mack was still up watching tv or playing with his lego.  So when everything started shaking my instant reflex was ‘Mack, what the hell are you doing’, assuming he was jumping up n’ down on the couch.  I went into the living room and no, it wasn’t him…so next reflex was ‘Les, wake up, someone’s trying to break in, get up, WTF!?’  So what do I do….yup, open the door and go outside (we can skip discussing that momentary lapse of “there might be someone with a gun out there”). Yes I know…

Then the gathering happened, and the voices started ‘it was an earthquake’.  After briefly laughing, I realized they were serious and had a ‘huh, who woulda’ thunk it’ moment, went inside and said ‘HOLY SHIT, that was in my lifetime’!!!  Wasn’t I wrong?!

I can’t describe the feeling, and I’m sure it was different for everyone however one UNIVERSAL thing that should come from this is our awareness to the fact that we are so not ready for the ‘big one’ that still lurks below, waiting.  We are not prepared, not us as a family and I believe not us as a city nor province either.

So, as I now get prepared, I will share some of what I have found so you can get prepared as well.  You don’t need to live along our historic ‘Andreas Fault’ to get ready.  Emergencies and natural disasters happen everyday, everywhere, with and without warning so love life enough to prepare

Some great products we’ve found are from the Wise Company…

If you are a pet owner, there is valuable information at for ensuring you have emergency survival kits for your pets.

We love them as family so let’s not forget about them in planning 

I’m awake now!

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