I spy with my little ..


Owning a RV can present a number of challenges!  One instance was we had to track down a cable splitter, which had been installed at the factory when the RV was built … and this resulted in a crazy process of following lines in my attempt to locate the splitter.  While using a small camera and taking pictures was a very trying process, we were able to finally locate the mystery location!  After coming across a number of times in need of something better we found a fantastic product!

This is a great little device for inspecting places you just can not see without disassembling furniture or fixtures.  It works great and the colour screen is a bonus!  You can also dismount the monitor from the camera which makes it much easier to maneuver the camera into place. It comes with hard case, video cable, magnetic swivel mount, mirror, magnet and hook clip.  It’s really everything you need all in one complete kit!

A true must have … make sure to check it out!


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