If your household is ANYTHING like mine, then first aid kits must be at the top of your ‘must have’ list.  When we were about to embark on our adventure to Mexico, we received 5 kits as gifts (each one different).  You laugh too … but it didn’t take us long to go through them ALL 😉

Being in an RV you wouldn’t think you could be nearly as clumsy as you were in a damn house but I’ve learned, oh so very often, that perhaps this should have been ‘Our CHAOTIC Adventure’, or ‘Our CLUMSY Adventure’ or ‘Our BIG ORANGE CONE Adventure’.  Seriously!

Here’s a few great ideas …

If you have First Responder training, the following is a great one to have on hand…

Not everything you need comes in one kit (well, not for me anyway).  Here’s a few of the extras I always make sure are in my kits …

  1. ALLERGY relief! (Benadryl is great for surprise reactions) !!!
  2. Butterfly stitches. (YES, you will use them at some point, really really) !!!
  3. Hydrogen Peroxide & Rubbing Alcohol. (You can get little spray bottles of both at any Dollar Store) !!!
  4. Vaseline.
  5. Q-tips/Cotton Balls.
  6. CHAPSTICK !!!


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