Sign of the times?!


~ NO SIR ~



A wise person recently said “using manners these days is so rare that it’s considered flirting!

I wonder at least once per day where manners and respect have disappeared to.  And I’m not even talking about that rare person who goes above and beyond … I’m just talking about simple basic manners.


It’s a very rare occurrence to see kids/young adults (and even adults) utilizing manners or having respect for their elders.  So rare it’s sad.

What happened?  Not being taught in homes anymore?!  Parents just don’t care.  I have a picture in my head of what kids must look like during respect/manners lessons…

I guess when parents in this day and age face the threat of arrest or other legal/criminal actions if they discipline (spank) their child(ren).  I think I can say with a firm confidence that there are a lot of ‘minors’ in this world right now who look to me like they could have benefited from these spankings!


Just saying!

Know anyone who needs a summer refresher class? 😉

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