Sleepy Beauty

Finding your comfort zone can be really hard sometimes and one thing you MUST be comfortable doing is sleeping in your bed.  Over the years we have slept on some really uncomfortable beds so one choice when we bought our new RV was a Sleep Number bed. Now aside from the fact that you can adjust each side of the bed separately 🙂 it’s also VERY comfortable to sleep on.  

We have had a couple of issues with the bed however we have to admit that dealing with Sleep Number was extremely easy and simple.  Anytime we called and told them there were issues they have always ensured expedited shipping to get it to us before we moved on to the next location of our adventure!

The second … BUYING/FINDING linens for our bed.  As many of you are aware, beds in a lot of RVs are shorter than normal, which causes sheets/blanket issues.  Oh so tiresome!!!  At first, we tried the tuck/fold method; which unless you have the patience of a Saint (and ya’ll know I don’t) might not be such a good idea!  We decided to buy some ‘RV sheets’… from several different places.  With every set came the SAME issue of ‘proper fit’.  Too tight, wore out, fell apart, blah blah blah.

After numerous disappointments, we finally came across LinenSpa sheets.  These ARE incredibly comfortable and fit JUST RIGHT!  Not to mention they are very durable.

If you have a RV/Trailer we highly recommend these for your linen needs …

Now let’s talk BUNK BEDS!

Now when it comes to bunk beds, we tried several sheet sets and each set always seemed to be of poor quality.  We had to spend a little more money for the bunk sheets but it was well work it. Not to mention we also bought the mattress pad too and this is a must for comfort!

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