Tanks for the Memories

Vacationing or living in a RV comes with its’ very own challenges … one of the most interesting being your Grey & Black Tanks.


While traveling, we had the pleasure of meeting a number of veteran RVer’s.  After talking to a number of them we learned that simple white vinegar is an awesome cleaner and can also help prevent a number of issues.  One surprising use for vinegar was how it helps with grey and black tanks.

Now I’m sure (almost positive) that a great number of people go South in their RV’s and one thing they come across is problems with hard water.  So what we learned was if you pick up a small squirt bottle from your local dollar store along with plain old vinegar and blue Dawn dish soap.  For cleaning, we simply put approx 1/10 dawn in our squirt bottle, fill the rest with vinegar and just shake it up.  This is also a fabulous cleaner for showers and sinks too.  It’s great for keeping your grey tank fresh AND also keeps sensors clean in your holding tanks.


Now for your black tank … approximately once a month we give our black tank a good cleansing.  Here’s what we do…

When we dump our black tank, we simply put 8 litres of water into our black tank via the toilet.  Once this is done we add a 1 litre bottle of vinegar along with a very very small amount of Tide laundry soap (powder).  Just before we drive our unit (usually just a nice highway run to make sure everything is still working great) we drop in 10-12 ice cubes into our black tank through the toilet.  Once we start driving, the agitation of the ice cubes along with the mixture clean the black tank of smelly deposits and keep your sensors in good working order. Don’t forget to rinse out your tanks after your drive this is very important to clear out the tanks!

We share this tip as its worked for us and hope it helps you!


We also installed a 360 siphon RV Fume Extractor.  A very simple install!


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