The Wheels on the Bus

Well … if you are anything like us then you like to be in the sun.  However, what we have learned … your tires do not!

When we first bought our RV, we had no idea what the cost of tires could be … until we incurred a valuable lesson on a journey to one of our favourite RV Resorts South of the border.  As we were driving down the highway we heard a loud noise from the back of the RV.  After pulling over (on the side on I5) we soon discovered one of our tires was CLEARLY in need of replacement.

So … $1700.00 later … and then later in2009 we had replaced the rear tires on the RV.  Now keep in mind, it’s now 2016 and that price is now a lot more.  

We quickly learned that conditioning and protecting the tires is very important.  We used a sunscreen product for tires along with tire covers and both have extended the life of our tires.  Today’s lesson …. protect your investment from the start!  It will be well worth the expense !

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