RV Royalty

The animals ~ definitely the Kings & Queens of the coaches!

Step #1 … ALWAYS keep their papers in order!  When crossing borders it’s very important to have all your animal’s documents in order as well as to have clear records from a licensed Veterinarian, showing that all immunizations are up to date.  If not, you could face having your furry loved one confiscated.

Step #2 … Repeat Step #1.


NOW .. as we all know felines poop n’ pee in a box; which is already placed in your already small and confined area.

I sooooooooo loved this idea, especially because it hides the box and makes it invisible to visitors however as we all know – something of that size doesn’t work in a coach/unit very often.  We also know that Felines LOVE to scratch so having a scratch post is a must but again, space doesn’t normally allow something useful.

So, we came up with our own take on both … kinda’ boring but very functional!

The Scratch Box

This one is too cute !!!  We may have to get one …

Oh those accidents!  Ours only tend to have them the first few hour(s) of ANY voyage!  They look innocent don’t they?  Don’t let them fool you, diapers have been a strong consideration!


Accidents … oh those accidents!

Traveling with these little pampered pets can be a challenge!  Especially if you’ve been sitting for a while.  Our princess for instance, has bladder bustage followed by a puke party EVERY TIME we pull out to embark on an adventure, even if it’s just a small highway run.

So we’ve learned to prepare !!! (well, as much as we can) 😉

Puppy training pads !!! Simply brilliant!  Gone are the days of following her around to make sure we could catch whatever she was about to give up!  Yes, I know, gross (and exhausting) !!!  But seriously though, now we just put these in her safe place and ta-da !! Much less clean up, ooooh so much less! 🙂

Just in case you didn’t get the pads down fast enough or they decide to surprise you (as they so love to do) these are handy items to keep on board …


Ah, scratches!  I LOOOOVE a good back scratch from time to time but I don’t like sharing that feeling with my FURNITURE !!  The cats however, don’t share my opinion.  So to stop the destruction of the coach, to end the constant listening for claws hitting the chair and to silence the WTF’s when opening the door … we found THESE …

These are the greatest thing we have ever purchased as pet parents!  Absolutely fantastic NON-TOXIC option for the fur babies.  The even have colours …

Our cats actually don’t mind them at all!  Shocking but true!

We recently ordered these fantastic furniture covers from Amazon!  We’ve had our sofa redone however we still couldn’t escape that @&%$ blanket (Mack’s spiderman comforter to be exact) thrown over the sofa to ensure the cats and dog didn’t scratch the newly redone beauty!  GRRRR!  So NOW when people are visiting, they no longer have to sit with Spidey! 😉

Is your fur baby missing the outside?  Try this!  We just ordered one so we’ll keep you updated on how they love it!

Original KITTY COT – “World’s BEST Cat Perch”

As you know, they love to sit in windows and look out so this is a great way to keep them up off of furniture or dash AND maximize space!

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