WRINKLES oh those Wrinkles

If you’re anything like me, the word ironing is not in your frequent or even distant vocabulary!  For years my way consisted of …

STEP #1 Take wrinkled clothes and place in dryer with nice smelly dryer sheet.

STEP #2 Soak hand towel with water and toss in dryer with wrinkled clothes.

STEP #3 Close dryer door, choose delicate/perma press and choose 20 minute setting.

STEP #4 Close dyer door.  Turn on dryer.




TA ~ DA !!!


My mom often felt sorry for my husband and would come over and spend an afternoon removing all of his dress clothes out of his closet and ironing each and every piece he had 😉

So, when I can’t do my ‘dryerning‘ these two products come in very handy and take up VERY little space for storage!

I’ve had to take up ironing and sometimes it goes well … and sometimes the burn unit is on speed dial & ready to go but hey, I’m learning !!!

This baby, this baby though … an awesome compromise 😉


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