Night On The Town


What can I say?!  Huge burgers, milkshakes that bring all the people to the yard AND colouring !!!


IF you love burgers, then yes, this is a heavenly spot!

CHEOS is a new spot that has just opened up off 5th Ave.  Definitely 2 thumbs up !! Those of you who know Mack, know that he didn’t eat here, even though this was his birthday dinner!  However, he DID enjoy a chocolate milkshake (and was UP ALL NIGHT) due to the amount of chocolate !!

So what did Mack eat?  Hellooooo, COCHINITA PIBIL from his favourite little stand off 5th …

An amazing food night with amazing people!  Although Mack will ALWAYS stop for HIS cochinita first (and I must say…COCHINITA PIBIL is to die for, nom nom nom), we will continue to try all the fabulous food places each trip !!!

Mack wanted to do a fishy pedicure … and NO his feet aren’t actually RED or BURNED, it’s just the pic! 😉

Then a stroll along 5th Ave to end the evening …

uyvs (update ya’ll very soon)

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