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RV’ing can be a lot of fun however we are all aware that our RV’s need to be maintained.  We have dealt with a number of issues over recent months but found several solutions and we were fairly easily able to  manage.  For example, most recently we had an issue hubby never saw coming.  While cleaning our RV, Les noticed a white haze on the passenger window.  

Shit!  And ya’ll know Les so there was NO way he was allowed to touch it (our first aid kits are empty) 😉  At first he wasn’t sure if it was inside or outside the window and then after closer inspection he realized it was between the windows.  Shit again!  Seems the seal had gone on our double glazed window.  Those who full-time or others that travel in weather extremes understand and can appreciate the comfort of double glazed windows.  Shit one more time!  Once he accepted he wasn’t allowed to do this one, he accepted the adventure of finding the best place around.  

 He started looking for a place to repair the window.  Again, ya’ll know Les so ya’ll know we’re talking countless phone calls, not to mention hours of research on the internet.  Joyous!  NOT!!  He really could not find a cost effective solution.  No one he contacted repaired this window issue, most just simply assured him the most cost effective thing to do was to replace the entire frame and window assembly.  This would amount to $1200.00 US plus labour and shipping costs.  Are you kidding me?!  

Since we were simply talking about 1 window pane in a frame that contained 3 smaller windows, this really made no sense.  Again, are you kidding me?  Les even tried the manufacturer and several wreckers but because it still was all three windows and frame, that was the only solution.


After several more days of research, we found a company that offered a much more cost effective solution AND one that made sense.   PHEW!!  We contacted a company called RV Glass Solutions. The location we went to was in Coburg, Oregon.  After a number of conversations over the phone, they came up with a plan and we had a ways to travel but we have to say it was worth it in every way!!

We headed out on this road trip adventure late evening and arrived early the next morning.  They have spots for RV’s with hook ups and lots of space, and it was great after a long night’s drive!!  We got a knock on the door in the morning and at 8:30 am and they took our RV into the shop.  Pets?  Not a problem … they are VERY accommodating!!  They have a very large waiting room with TV and couches so it was also very comfortable.  And when hunger hits, there are a number of restaurants, only approximately a 15 minute walk from the facility.  During the process the staff were amazing!!  They allowed us to check on our pets and they checked on us regularly in case we needed anything.  They were very willing to go beyond and above our expectations.


During our day at RV Glass Solutions we had a great lunch at one of the several local restaurants, and Les n’ Mack also took the opportunity to tour the Marathon Coach factory across the street.  This was a great way to see some amazing Prevost buses being transformed into Marathon coaches.  We definitely have to recommend it, it was a great way to spend the day while our’s was being pampered (ALOT more than me !!!) 😉 and getting professional repairs done.   

We thought we only had one defective window but after closer inspection it was clear the driver’s side window was clearing go to fail as well.  So they proceeded to remove both windows (the entire frame.)  They removed both the driver’s and passenger’s windows from the coach, and once removed they disabled the entire frame, thus removing the defective windows.  Now I can’t tell you how they do the entire process but after removing the defective window they separated the dual pane glass, replaced the seals and put it back together after which they then reassembled the entire frame and reinstalled it back into the coach.

The facility is incredible!!  T hey have a massive warehouse of glass along with some incredible equipment.  While we were there, Les also witnessed a number of coaches having windshields replaced and side window repairs completed on there coaches.  They offer a number of solutions and in our case having the seals replaced was not only cost effective but kept our coach in original state.

 We thank all the staff for their expert service and their outstanding professionalism. If you in fact have a window problem on your coach, make sure to give them a call.  They have two facilities; one in Coburg, Oregon and the other in Phoenix, Arizona (a great place to stop when you’re headed for warmer states) 😉



 🙂 Make sure to say hi for us 🙂 

 A very special thanks to everyone at RV Glass!

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