Black Friday

It’s that time of year again … I can feel the crazeeness already !!!



BLACK FRIDAY is almost here!

Are you ready for the chaos?!  I’m not!  It’s been said that it’s probably safer for the general public if I do not partake in the events as I have no patience for that type of crazee behaviour 😉 so I have always refrained from Black Friday!

However this year, I’m Black Friday shopping … ONLINE!




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Just in case you want a portable option, this one is                                                 great!

In recent months, we have discussed disaster readiness.  Now, it’s up to personal preference however we personally use Wise products.  Find a couple listed below… 

Wise Company Deluxe Survival Kit – 2 Week

Wise Company 60 Serving Entrée Only Grab and Go Food Kit (13x9x10-Inch, 11-Pounds)

Now in relation to your vehicle, it’s always a good idea to play it safe and keep a Survival Kit along with an Automotive Emergency Kit.  This is also an amazing gift for loved ones!

Family Prep Survival Kit, 2 Person and 4 Person Available, Emergency Zone Brand (4 Person)

Deluxe Road Warrior Emergency Kit – 10 Below Zero

Looking for something a little simpler?

Camillus 3 Day Survival Kit

Now if you have someone that’s really hard to find a gift for and they own a RV, check this out..

RV SnapPad Permanently Attached Levelling Jack Pad for 9 Round Metal Feet (Xtra Ultimate Pack (Qty 6)

Now here’s something everyone can use..

Sunferno 5000mah Weatherproof Dual USB External Power Bank

Tired of battling weak Wifi signals at RV parks?  Give yourself a Boost!

Winegard ConnecT WIFI Extender

Here’s some other ideas!!!







Here’s one of the toys we (and when I say ‘we’, you all know it doesn’t mean me) 😉  bought today..

This will be a great addition to our blogging tools!!  The reason we picked this one is because hubby called the supplier SSE Photo & Video and had an awesome conversation with Lauren.  They also have fantastic reviews!


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