It’s not very often you come across something that not only makes sense but shows incredible innovation in so many ways.


While on Twitter one night, I found a tweet related to a really amazing product called SnapPad.  It’s one of those things that just makes sense when you first see it!

This is how it looks right?! … First you back into your spot …  you get your RV into the right place, then it’s time to level … UGH THE LEVELLING … the slides and finally hook-up!   Well this awesome product is going to remove one of those tasks from your list.  Levelling just became a breeze!  No more digging around storage compartments to find your landing pads, no more crawling under the RV to place those orange/yellow landing pads or better yet those gross moldy blocks of wood taking up space in your storage compartment and finally NO more lying on your back on gravel, in the mud or even the hot pavement.

The first thing I love about this product is the environmental benefits!  It’s made from Recycled Tire Crumb which is resistant to water, heat, oil, tar and other many other environmental hazards.  Once you install your snap pads they don’t need to be removed so no more need to rummage for more storage and better yet, less chance of you forgetting them as you drive away!  Which has happened believe it or not 😉  We have experienced this more than once and they are not cheap to replace not to mention they wear out/get damaged over time so at some point they will need to be replaced thus sending old damaged ones possibly into land fills.  This we don’t want!


SnapPads are installed once and will change how you RV!  No more positioning of Jack pads!  SnapPads will increase the stability and weight distribution of your rig also protecting your Jack foots from rust and other damage.  When we first received ours it was apparent that this is a quality product.  They are well designed, very durable and they look great, which is a definite plus for your RV.

They don’t take long at all to install.  They currently have ones for 9 inch round application and we understand they are in the process of making different designs for other applications.

landing pads

Once we unpackaged ours it was really cool to check out how much detail went into the design .. to even include channels for water to run off and not collect on top of the pad.


Check out our SNAP PADS on our Class A.

The benefits of this product are incredible!  Make sure to order a set for your rig and if you have a friend, or family member who is impossible to find that one gift for … look no further, you’ve found it!  

Whether you’re looking for a set for your Motorhomes or 5th Wheel Trailer or for a gift for someone else, click on the link below to get your set direct!

Or you can purchase on Amazon @

For RV’s with 9 inch feet .. (4/pk)

For RV’s with 9 inch feet .. (6/pk)

For RV’s with 10 inch feet .. (4/pk)


2 thoughts on “GOTCHA’ COVERED

  1. Hello

    Thanks for sharing this info I have been looking for something better then those stupid plastic
    landing pads.I have lost them broke them ,they are such a pain to try to line up with the jacks and if its wet weather sometimes you just say not TODAY !!
    Thanks so much going to order a set
    also love the links,made it so easy 🙂
    Happy Travels

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