It’s that time of year again … WINTER!  While many of our friends temporarily move South during this season, we are here … (in BC) shivering more than usual.  Have you been outside?!



Not equipped for this season’s weather?!  NEITHER WAS I!!!

Have no fear … AMAZON.COM delivers!




As much as we want the warmth, so do little (or big) critters.  Over the years, we have listened to and tried numerous remedies and we have to say that moth balls DO work!  They are small and keep snakes and other rodents at bay.  They are also great for placing around your jacks, tires, sewer hoses etc HOWEVER they are not so great inside or in places that allow the odour to flow such as storage compartments.  We haven’t found anything less offensive to date however our search continues 🙂


Another product that we’ve used, which we place in both our water compartment AND power compartment is Grandpa Gus’s Natural Mice Repellent PouchesNon-Toxic Mouse Trap Alternative Deterrent – 4 Pack

 Due to the cold, we can also have struggles with power.  As more and more people increase their usage, issues such as reverse polarity, power outages and power surges can occur.  With the sensitive electronics your unit has onboard, it’s really not something you want to put at risk so make sure to protect your investment !!!

For those with 30 amp ..

And if you have 50 amp ..


We can say after 5 years now that we have seen it in action numerous times … protecting us from countless instances not to mention using it for over 2 years in Mexico !!  

With the investment you’ve just made, isn’t it a very good idea to protect that investment with the security lock box?!

Now in cold weather, it’s a really good idea to ensure your slide seals are well lubricated.  This is a great product and is designed for your rubber slide seals.

One of the most important things we need to do … PROTECT OUR WATER HOSES!  You can purchase either 25ft or 50ft hoses.

If you are full time living and the weather hits the freezing zone but you do not have tank heaters, have no fear!  Something we have done for years in the cold weather is simply pour some RV Antifreeze in our toilet(s) to help protect the black tank from freezing!


Keeping the warm air inside at night is really important but when cooking or showering it is just as important to allow as much moisture to exit as possible.  Something we found that works really well and is easy to put in and take out with very little effort is a vent insulator.

MOISTURE.  UGH MOISTURE!!  It has a number of sources.  The weather, showering, cooking/baking, washing dishes … especially in a 5th wheel or RV.  To prevent this potential issue, we turned to small dehumidifiers; using one in our bathroom and another in our main area.  On average we empty them once every 3-5 days.  The units are very small and perfect for RV living, rather inexpensive to buy and no messy hazardous chemicals.  WOO HOO 🙂

We have been running these for well over two years with no issues!  Hang on, let me knock on wood 🙂

Now if your looking for a more modern look, try the Ivation ERSDM18 Mini Dehumidifier with Both Peltier & Exclusive ERS Technologies for Power Efficiency & Better Moisture Removal … we do find this one to be a little louder because of the fan but its great !!

To help us understand the environment in our RV, we also have a Humidity Gauge.  It’s magnetic, sticks on the fridge and is very easy to use … it let’s us know when we’re getting too much humidity thus allowing us to adjust the environment before it causing damage.

Whether you live full time in your RV, 5th Wheel or Trailer, do extended stays or simply love being a weekend warrior, it is imperative to control the level of moisture in your rig!  IMPERATIVE!!


**Don’t forget .. if you have a residential size fridge in your rig, be sure to drain the fridge supply line.  Turn off the ice maker if your line happens to be an exposed line**

**Always refer to your Manufacturer’s Manual for instructions**



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