Burnaby Village Museum

Because it was snowing, we decided it would be a great time to visit the Burnaby Village Museum and see their Christmas Light display.  We figured it would take quite a while to get there due to the snow and we’d arrive just as it was getting dark.  Who knew traffic would be fantastic?!  While it was snowing?!  We arrived prior to dark, and walked through the blowing snow!

Become a villager!  Travel back in time and see Burnaby’s early history come to life!  Watch demonstrations of the antique machinery from days gone by, chat with shop keepers, explore old homes and climb aboard the early 1900’s tram and listen to stories of the workers and passengers.


The Burnaby Village Museum is well known (or best known) for the Carousel!  If you’ve never been, it’s truly a must see (and ride) especially for the young ones.  A definite must do!

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