Central City Brewing


Brewery Tour … WHOO HOO!

Since 2003, Central City has been brewing here in Surrey BC (who knew?!) .. so we finally got off our butts and took a tour.

Say ‘BEER’ 🙂

Central City Brewers & Distillers started as a Brewpub in 2003 at Central City in Surrey BC, Canada.  You can still find the home of their first brewery at the original Central City Pub.  Today, their main brewery and distillery operations operates just down the hill from the original location in a state of the art, 65,000 square foot brewing facility.  Their new facility boasts some of the best equipment in BC Craft beer which helps them deliver better, more consistent quality everyday. You can also enjoy their products at the Central City Brewpub in downtown Vancouver.

Their beers, ciders and spirits are proudly served from Victoria to Newfoundland, and come in a variety of styles.  They offer core, seasonal and special releases and are always cooking up something new and unique.

And while their brewery has grown significantly since the early days, the same passion for our craft drives each and every brew.  Brewmaster Gary Lohin ensures they brew with the best ingredients, making no compromises on the quality they offer their customers.  This uncompromising approach is what makes their beer great.

I will admit .. Les enjoyed the tasting MUCH more than I did.  Nothing whatsoever against the products, I’m just not a big drinker.  Perhaps I should enhance my pallet and increase my tolerance 😉 

However, when it comes to their Whiskey ..


.. Hubby says it’s FANTASTIC!


Matured in premium oak barrels, this smooth and refine small batch Whisky is made from the finest Canadian Malted Barley and Pure B.C. water.

The aroma is rich with darker fruity notes like cherry or grape, subtle honey, vanilla and pleasantly woody.  The golden liquid sits on the palate with a touch of green apple skins, buttery notes, woody and softly texture mouthfeel and the finish is medium length, fruity and slightly drying at the end.  Best enjoyed with a splash of cold filtered water to release the full flavour of this hand crafted gem.

We learned a lot, now it’s your turn! 🙂

Tours are Friday – Sunday at 1, 3 & 5pm.

As for the Whiskey Launch, it is currently making its way to retail but we will be officially launching the brand in mid-late January.

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