The Meaning of Christmas

Over the years Christmas (along with other holidays but more specifically Christmas) seems to have become more and more commercialized and the meaning seems to have been misplaced and replaced with …

The STRESS of making sure you get everyone just the right gift.

The RUDENESS in the stores and on the road.

The PRESSURE of feeling like you have to buy something for every neighbour, co-worker & acquaintance.

The COST one feels required to spend; all the while knowing they financially shouldn’t.

The ANXIETY of the mounting debt to ensure your Christmas looks picture perfect.

The RUSH of making sure everything is finished and ready in time…

this is what is feels like it has come to.


xmas stress


I remember Christmas Eve’s past, sitting with family in front of the fireplace watching the fire and enjoying each other.  Maybe some food, a few drinks, perhaps a board game or even a Christmas movie.  Family and friends stopping by throughout the day just to visit and give best wishes.  Then come evening, going to my Auntie’s house for her wonderful Christmas Eve parties, as only she could throw; making every guest feel welcome and loved.  It was never about anything but love and magic.  


No matter what religion you are or holiday you celebrate, love and magic is all that matters.

The magic and spirit of Christmas should be in our hearts, not under our trees.  

So from our crazee family to yours, enjoy the moments and love surrounding you this season, not the gifts you have or have not received 


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