Cabo San Lucas

So as I’m sure you have all gathered now from the last few posts, this recent trip was not our first time in Los Cabos, Mexico.

Les and I went to Los Cabos towards the end of 1996.  My first time in Mexico ..

And then this happened ..


Right?!  Right?!  On our 3rd day !!   We never made it to a hospital so needless to say the remainder of the trip was spent on tequila 😉  What you can’t see in the picture is the missing tires on the other side of the car !!  Les and I were passengers in the vehicle and a woman in a white bronco cut across the highway and hit the car we were in.  Because we wouldn’t pay the police they in turn took the ambulance and left us on the highway.  We were later (much much later) picked up by another ambulance and taken to a medical clinic outside of town (oooh sooooo way out of town) !!  A terrible trip (with lasting effects) to say the least !!

So this time .. we decided to enjoy some of the things we weren’t able to oh so many years ago.  We spent time on the water enjoying the day.  We saw the rocks.  What I call the Cabo Rocks.  MAGNIFICENT !!

Dad, you up for a swim? 😉

Over the years I’ve seen the rocks in photographs, advertisements, etc .. but nothing compares to seeing them up close and personal 

Some other great shots from the glass bottom boat ..

We had the pleasure of hitting the water with Enrique, our guide.  A little shy at first but after some smooth Les talk, he gave it a go .. 😉 

Fantastic job Enrique !!  You are a fantastic tour guide 🙂

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