20 years in ..

Statistics today show marriages surviving the first 10 years have the same chance of staying together as their grandparents’ generation !!

Although I have to admit, it’s certainly not easy !! Some people think marriage is 50/50 but if each person is only putting in 50% then their all is not being put forth!  Marriage has to be 100/100; each partner’s gotta give 100% to the marriage or relationship or chances of failure will rise!

Also ..

PATIENCE (no, it’s not for sale) 😉

UNDERSTANDING (a whole lot)

COMMUNICATION (yes people, we have to talk to each other) 🙂

SENSE OF HUMOUR (or things can turn ugly fast) 😉

TRUST AND HONESTY (it can be shaken outta’ ya) 🙂


 .. HARD WORK EVERYDAY and last but not least ..


A fantastic suggestion I have is a book called The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. I highly recommend everyone take the time to read this ..

As Les and I celebrate our 20th wedding anniversary today, take a look back with us over our first 20 years together !!

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