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Having dinner the other night, Les and I took a trip down memory lane .. remembering all the places we stopped, visited or stayed along our way to paradise.

Now, having always traveled with the kids, we understood during the planning phase that not everything can be planned or goes as planned .. so although the ‘road trip’ rules were in place there was also a lot of  ‘let’s take it as it comes as well’!  And so we did!  Rest Areas, RV Parks, Truck Stop’s, Gas Stations, Walmart’s, etc .. we stopped when we got tired and went with the flow(ish).  

We thought we’d share some of these memories along with some of the RV Parks/Resorts we stayed at 🙂 (most that offered the Passport America discounts as well as Membership discounts).



Located in a quiet area, this well maintained resort is full of amenities and just a short drive to local attractions such as Alcatraz, Intel, MythBusters, etc…  The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating.  THUMBS UP





This resort has always been a favourite of ours, which is why this is usually where we’ll time out and chill for sometimes weeks 🙂  Our most recent visit was just after they had wrapped filming an episode of NCIS (which we’ve now seen and is fantastic) !!  With ease of access in and out just off I-5, it has numerous amenities such as Showers/Pools/Hot tub/Arcade/General Store and a fantastic Laundry Room (yes, I have laundry issues).  The staff are friendly and very helpful.

Close by attractions (within 30-40 minutes) are the Griffith Observatory, Beverley Hills, Universal Studios, the LA City Zoo, LA city itself, Hollywood .. just to name a few!

Also located close by (and probably why it’s such a favourite for Les n’ the kids) is Six Flags Magic Mountain.  Throughout the years, the kids have been here several times but this last trip was the first time Mackenzie was tall enough to enjoy the rides.  So .. Mack was beside himself with glee, Les was anticipating a nausea filled day (DO ask him about his experience with Gravol/Dramamine nausea tablets) as I leisurely did some Christmas  shopping and enjoyed being back in Valencia  THUMBS UP




The first time we encountered this RV Resort, it was LAZYDAYS (on our way back from Mexico it was KOA).  The citrus treed sites are what got me.  How fantastic it was to make fresh juice everyday!  This resort is beautifully maintained and includes amenities such as amazing Sites/Cabins/Games Room/Golf/Store/Bar & Grill/Pools/Hot Tub/Gym/fabulous Laundry Facilities(again, I have laundry issues)/Fantastic Shower & Bathroom Facilities/Banquet or gathering rooms/Movie Nights and various continuous events for kids.  

The staff are hands hand the most fantastic staff we’ve had the pleasure of dealing with.  BOTH HANDS UP




A great park layout with all the KOA amenities and benefits.  The staff are friendly, helpful and knowledgeable.  Local attractions nearby include The Riverwalk, The Alamo and the famous ‘Selena bridge’ (as I call it).  A fantastic city to explore!  THUMBS UP



SUN n’ SHADE RV RESORT ~ Punta Gorda, FL


This very diverse resort is located not too far from Fort Myers and Cape Coral, FL.  This well kept park features really nice topography (along with the occasional alligator) 🙂 as well as very welcoming staff and campers.  Don’t forget to visit the Edison and Ford Winter Estates in Ft Myers and if you dare .. an airboat ride through the Everglades.  THUMBS UP




Located close to Disney World and Old Town, there is certainly no shortage of things to do, see and experience.  We had an extended stay here and met some wonderful people in the park (most who are Disney World employees) so there is a continual flow of information and knowledge on the parks and attractions.  We had a fantastic time exploring The Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Typhoon Lagoon and the Animal Kingdom to name just a few.  THUMBS UP




New Orleans New Orleans New Orleans … what can I say?  “I wish we had stayed longer to explore more” 

One place we knew was a ‘must stop’ along this journey was New Orleans.  How can one NOT want to experience the culture, the people, the history and the life of the city itself.  The restaurants and venues are plenty.  We were able to step back through history at The National WWII Museum (fascinating to all ages).

We found a hidden gem called Ponchartrain Landing (located on Lake Ponchartrain) where we stayed (but not long enough in any of our opinions).   Not just an RV park, but also a Villa and Marina.  Beautifully landscaped, this full service resort is on the water with amenities that ensure not a dull moment should be had.  The restaurant with live music is a favourite and the food is simply mouth watering goodness.  Their ‘living on the water’ options are eye catching and something to be envied.  If you’re in the area make sure to stop in and say hi to Nate (a fabulous, knowledgeable man who Les still chats back and forth with).  Truly a welcoming and wonderful city.  BOTH HANDS UP




One of the things Les wanted Mack and I to experience was the Carlsbad Caverns.  I can honestly say that I didn’t enjoy one moment of the experience BUT that’s ONLY because I was still recovering from the knee surgery I had a few days before we left for ourCRAZEEadventure.  I wasn’t happy at all to be walking at all but certainly not around the never ending underground in the dark damp uneven fall on my face paths .. nope, not at all.  But again, solely because of my poor knee.  SO, Les will have to take me back so I can be just as awed as he and Mack were  

This is what brought us to Mission RV.  This park is well established but nothing too fancy.  Good amenities, great staff and convenient location.  THUMBS UP 





This resort is in a beautiful location close to the city.  The resort is full of amenities, very well cared for with warm friendly staff.  We happened to be here in time for the wonderful experience of Austin’s Annual Trail of Lights.  A definite must see!  Like San Antonio, it’s a wonderful place to explore.  THUMBS UP

My favourite memories you ask?  Great question!  Mack’s face each time he saw or experienced something new, HANDS DOWN!


Here’s a brief movie we’ve put together of our experiences:


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  1. Nice RV resorts! I had no clue they can be so nice! Your quote: “My favourite memories you ask? Great question! Mack’s face each time he saw or experienced something new, HANDS DOWN!” – This is priceless?

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