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So .. we know you’re all waiting for the post about our recent camping excursion .. and it’s coming 🙂 however, in the meantime we thought we’d share this little snippet 🙂

I have to say (in my opinion) that the best days are always the ones when we are on the road exploring new places and meeting new people.  The unplanned road trips are personally our favourites because there is no set scheduled timeline and we can AND DO just go with the flow.  Owning a RV is one thing but owning one you live in can be a little more challenging.

If you’re just a weekend warrior or trip taker you are more likely to have a home base so if there are repairs that need to be done, they can be done over time .. NOT so much when you live in one.  People are less likely to have access (in most cases) to a garage or repair area .. not to mention there may be no luxury of time.

So I have to admit .. SHOPPING WITH MY HUSBAND IS NOT ALWAYS A FANTASTIC FABULOUS OUTING !!  Over the years it has driven me crazy that when we would shop, Les would be looking at things on line (yes, walking through the stores with his head down while searching online (on his phone) and then the next thing I know something has either been tossed in the shopping cart or arrives by Courier  shortly after.  “Why are we wasting money on triplicates of something we don’t need?”  “The one we have is working just fine” or “We already have three filters!”and the list goes on and on and on and I’m sure y’all can hear the echo of my voice as you read those words 🙂  Right?!  RIGHT!?

Well .. now I can honestly say I appreciate his ways and why he does some (only some) of the things he does that drive me CRAZEE.  Now perhaps not everyone has had this experience, but believe me when I tell you WE HAVE !!  We all know that when something goes wrong the immediate feeling of hopelessness can be gut wrenching as you realize you are in the middle of no where in the middle of the night in the middle of a very dark road, or perhaps another remote place with no stores in sight.  OH SHIT right?!  RIGHT!?  As soon as he hears the oh shit there he goes pulling out tools and parts I didn’t know we had from places I didn’t realize we could store things and there he will sit whether it’s a dusty dirt road, not no nice back alley, on a curb, etc .. until he has us safely ready to get rolling again.


I cannot tell you how important it is for you to be prepared for the unknown. Some of the simple items you should always ensure you have are:

  • DRINKING WATER is ESSENTIAL !! Point Blank Period !!
  • SOLAR CHARGER (back up power for cell phones etc..)
  • GAS (always keep at half a tank (minimum) with access to a back up fuel supply such as jerry can.  Let me take a moment and explain why THIS one is important.  Driving through Texas, Les thought he could make it to the next gas station … HE DID NOT.  So here we are on the side of I-10 having come just through Pecos, Texas and Les now has go ALL THE WAY back to the last exit where there sat an awesome little gas station Cherry Creek Chevron (that I had told him to stop at prior but see, he never listens to me) !!! 😉  Long story short, after coming back with a jerry can we had enough gas ONLY to turn around and go back to the chevron and not venture to the next town!  We were blessed enough to meet the Beauchamp family (owners of the Chevron) and all turned out well Another reason fuel is so important is to ensure we can run the generator for the animals to keep them safe from the heat. 
  • FIRST AID KIT(S)/SUPPLIES are a necessity for any traveller, especially my husband (because if there is something he can hit and split his head on ~ HE FINDS it).  I’m assuming that’s why we received so many (4 to be exact) FULL first aid kits upon leaving for this adventure !!
  • extra OIL, TRANSMISSION FLUID, FILTERS (gas/oil/air) for both the main vehicle and the generator (if you have one).

If you are travelling with pets, it is imperative to have enough food and water along with a good Pet First Aid Kit.

These are just a few helpful hints to help you avoid some of the things we couldn’t 😉  Everyone’s list will be different as a full timer’s needs will be different from the weekend warrior or getaway takers etc .. just ensure you go as prepared as possible.    How do you prepare for the unexpected?!  Been caught in some unexpected situations?  How did you deal with them?  Share your stories !!!



Happy travels 🙂

‘Til next time 

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  1. After talking with Les today and him informing us of this site, my wife and I were excited to read. Thank you for this article full of good tips for our families upcoming adventures!

    Steve and Tal and our legacy Ozias….

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