Xel-Há 2017

This is one of those places that is a must see!  Point blank period!   Xel-Há opened in 1995 as a sustainable tourist attraction that interacts with nature in a very unique way.

This versatile park has something for everyone and is enjoyable for all ages 🙂  The park is well marked and mapped so you’ll always know where you’re going.

Let’s start with the most important feature of the park (in our opinion), the restaurants and bars.  This is very important because you need to keep hydrated and fueled for the activities and there are a number of  all inclusive (yes drinks too, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) 😉 restaurants and beverage bars so whether you want a quick snack or a meal meal, they have it all!

The most important thing to bring with you is a camera!  MEMORIES ARE EVERYTHING !! If you don’t have one, no problem … they have gift shops where you can purchase one.  There are also numerous stations with automated cameras (which are controlled by your wristband) that will take your photo; just scan your wristband, get ready and say cheese.  There are a number of staff throughout the park waiting to take your photos as well. All which can be purchased at the end of your day.  They’ve definitely got this down to an art form and make it simple for you to take your memories with you 

For those of you looking to stay connected, free access to wifi is provided in select areas within the park along with secure lockers to keep your devices safe so you can enjoy the water activities without worry.  Xel-Há provides towels, snorkel equipment and life jackets as well.

Sunscreen is a must when enjoying time at Xel-Há.  However for the protection of the animal life and flora along with maintaining the natural balance of the ecosystem, only products that contain titanium oxide or zinc oxide are allowed for use within the park and are available for purchase onsite!  Or purchase here …


Just in case you get tired and need a little time to relax or you’ve got little ones, you will find a number of seating areas and hammocks (shaded and non shaded) available throughout the park 🙂

For most, the day starts with a journey down the Lazy River floating down the mangroves.  There are a number of ways to get to the beginning of the river.  You can walk and check out other activities along the way, you can cycle or you can elect to take the tram.  Which route you choose depends on your adventure!

 At the beginning of the river you will receive a life jacket and then obtain either a single or double floating tube.  This is where the relaxation .. just lay back and enjoy the float.  A great way to start the day.   Once you float to the entrance of the bay area you will see other activities including cliff diving and zip lines.

We have been to the park a number of times and they continue to add new attractions, ensuring each time is better than the last.  During our most recent visit we experienced the new lighthouse water slide.   This has got to be one of the most interesting slides we have encountered .. as you climb to the top of the lighthouse the view is simply stunning .. then you get to ride the more than 98 foot drop waterslide!  Just an FYI and small piece of advice … this is not a fresh water slide .. it’s salt water so keep your mouth closed 😉

Looking for an adrenalin rush?!  Make sure you try the zip lines, waterslides and cliff jumping!!  You can also opt to try some of the extra charge activities such as  speed boats, cenotes, scuba, zip-bike (where you pedal through the jungle suspended from a cable), which is a very unique attraction or you could choose the dolphin encounter.  This is all dependent on your available time as you can spend an entire day simple exploring the activities included . They offer a wide range of optional paid activities including speed boats ,cenote Scuba, Zip-Bike which you pedal through the jungle suspended from a cable this is a really unique attraction, or you could opt to a dolphin encounter or activity.

One of our favourite things in this part of Mexico is swimming in the incredible crystal clear water cenotes, and you will be able to experience this at Xel-Há.  They are very unique to this area of Mexico so make sure to explore this natural wonder of Mexico’s Quintana Roo.

Xel-Há is a very unique park as it offers so much including an open visit to the Xel-Há nursery; a front seat view of the Queen Conch Sanctuary to see how Xel-Há helps protect and monitor the beauty of several endangered species.  Enjoy a walk through the countless trails of the Tropical Garden and its many plants located in the Chacah Garden, just to name a few.

Over all a visit to Xel-Há is an amazing adventure you, your family and your friends will never forget.  We highly recommend taking the time to explore this amazing place.

You can buy your tickets at the gate in the park and get there via tour group, cab, collectivo, or vehicle. There is plenty of free parking.  No matter which way you get there, just get there !!!

Bring credit card or cash with you to purchase souvenirs and/or to purchase photos of your visit.

Xel-Há has a unique eco-system it was one of the first parks in the world to 
earn sustainability certification in the tourist industry.

Now get out and explore nature from the front seat! 


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  1. Fun place!! Thanx for these videos! Otherwise I probably would have never heard about it. I bet kids had a blast!

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