Airstream Factory Tour

Going to the Airstream Factory is a must as it is like no other trailer on the market.

Founded in 1931 by Wally Byam and located in Jackson Centre Ohio, the Airstream factory consists of 11 buildings including an onsite service centre along with camping facilities.  With 890 employees, the factory covers over 40 acres of property and houses 600,000 square feet.

It was interesting to learn that in 1935 there were over 400 RV manufactories and out of those 400, Airstream is the only one that remains in business today.  There are currently 75 percent of the all the airstreams manufactured still on the road today!!

Being one of the only built from Alcoa Aluminum with a PBG coating, Airstream trailers are unique. The exceptional design provides the lowest centre of gravity, enabling the trailer to travel with 20 percent less wind resistance, therefore saving on fuel costs.

The Airstream Basecamp (one of Airstreams most popular units) is manufactured in its’ own plant on the Airstream property and the Basecamp’s versatile design (including Rear Hatch measuring 26″by 46″) provides a number of benefits for those looking to explore the great outdoors!  The basecamp comes with two very unique tent designs.

Airstream currently manufactures a number of trailers and during our visit we were able to see a large variety of units being made.  It was incredible to see the amount of precision is used to eliminate waste in the processes of manufacturing an Airstream trailer.



We also were able to see a few completed units including the Globetrotter.

Touring the Airstream factory was really interesting and I found it remarkable to see how the entire outside shell is created; first with the chassis which are then married together before anything goes inside the trailer.


They also do a water test on every trailer.



Airstream trailers are built as ordered so several will be going through the plant at any given time all are custom to each individual clients orders.


If you can make the trip or you are in the area, the Airstream factory tour is fascinating so make sure to check it out. Tours are held Monday through Friday excluding holidays and begin at 2pm.   Remember to be early as you will not be able to join the tour if you are late and ensure you’ve got your closed toe safety shoes!!

Enjoy the tour!


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