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Going to one RV Factory is an incredible thing but going to several different ones along with the RV/MH Hall of Fame was a spectacular experience (except for the lack of sleep) and well worth the journey.

In the last couple of years we have noticed a number of changes mostly related to innovative technology, with more attention being focused on less waste and increased awareness on recycling.

Very few people have the opportunity to see how much work goes into the creation of a RV, keeping in mind the number of processes that have to be addressed during the design and manufacturing process.

Whether very basic or extremely complex (depending on preference) these vehicles are diverse.  When you stop to think about how these creations move down the road and how they are designed and engineered, with different systems from plumbing, electrical (both 110volt & 12volt), components, fridges, stoves, microwaves and televisions to the suspension, slide mechanisms, levelling systems, drive trains and even motors..it’s quite impressive.

Before you make a visit to your RV manufacturer of choice or choose to visit a number of them, make sure to check the website for factory tour details as most have specific days or times in which they allow tours.  It’s a lot better to go when the factory is in operation and seeing the production in full swing is really interesting. It’s even better to call ahead to confirm information related to tour times to make sure you have correct hours. s accurate this may also provide much needed details about the tour and what to expect from the manufacture during the tour. Ensuring you avoid loose clothing and you have good enclosed shoes .Try to make a reservation if and when possible to ensure you will not be turned away in the event they happen to have too many people show up on the same day. Many RV manufactures have places for overnight camping so this is also important to confirm allowing you to enjoy the experience without having to be on a strike timeline you may also find nearby campgrounds.

Although some Manufacturer’s may not always advertise it or provide details on the website about factory tours, it is best to call just in case as many do in fact provide private tours by appointment only.

In case you are not able to make the journey to your favourite Manufacturer, some do offer virtual tours.

Grand Design RV 11333 Country Road 2

Middlebury, IN (574)825-8000

Grand Design offers Factory tours Monday-Wednesday at 2:00 pm.  Tours are by appointment only so give them a call to schedule your factory tour today!

JAYCO Visitors Center

911 S. Main Street  Middlebury, IN

Jayco’s Visitors Center is located just south of their general offices and is open Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time (except holidays).

Tours of the manufacturing plant are conducted Monday through Thursday at 12 p.m. and are offered by appointment only. Call Jayco at 800-785-2926 for the most current tour information.


Highland Ridge RV  – OPEN RANGE 3195 N. S.R. 5

Shipshewana, IN (260)768-7771

Factory tours are available on Tuesdays at 3:00 pm EST by appointment only (24 hour notice required).


Airstream  Jackson Center, OH


Want to see how an Air Stream is built?  Make sure to visit the Airstream Factory and take the tour.  They are held Monday through Friday at 2pm in the lobby of the Service Center (located on the north side of 274, next to the gas station).


RV Hall of Fame  21565 Executive Parkway

Elkhart, IN 46514 

Although this is not a Manufacturer, we highly recommend a visit if you are in the area.

‘Til next time! 


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