POWERHOUSE @ Stave Falls

Powerhouse at Stave Falls was an integral part of BC (British Columbia) in the 1900’s.  In 1909 Western Canada Power Company bought the Stave Lake Power and Electric and started construction on the dam. 

Today, it is a National Historic Site of Canada.  The Powerhouse offers machinery that is still in place, artifacts, interactive displays, outdoor & indoor exhibits and archival photos.

Take a trip down memory lane and visit the past!

Rain or shine, this is an excellent way to spend some time exploring the history of the retired powerhouse; they have built a newer more efficient one parallel to the decommissioned one. The museum provides the history in a short video along with countless displays walking you through different time periods.

You will find a number of hands on exhibits along with a self guided tour of the powerhouse. The staff are very helpful and will go out of their way to help you best explore the museum and surrounding park area.

This is a great place to explore – very family oriented .

Bring a picnic lunch make a day of it, they even have a small souvenir shop with a great selection!!


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