Bladders & Stones

Having done a lot of mountain biking over the summer, Mack frequently found himself in need of cold water.  After about a week of packing water bottles in his backpack (because Mom says he needs to stay hydrated when biking) 😉 he got himself a hydration backpack (really cool idea)!!  

It’s a backpack (smaller of course) and inside is a removable bladder!  The hydration pack has zippers and pouches just like a backpack so you don’t need to ALSO carry another pack of some sort for your wallet, keys, etc… 🙂 It’s fantastic!

Ice Cubes?  Nah, he got Whiskey Stones!  Another fantastic idea, especially if you’re space challenged in the freezer area, as we are!  These little things are cubes made of solid soapstone and because they are non-porous they are odourless and don’t absorb tastes from your freezer.  They also chill WITHOUT diluting so they are great for sodas, juices and liquors!


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