Boating Boyz

Over the years, we have rented boats from the Granville Island Boat Rentals to explore False Creek, Indian Arm etc…each time a different adventure!

The first time was our first anniversary.  When we got married, we did so on a boat and throughout the evening cruised the waters from False Creek to Indian Arm and back.  We didn’t see the scenery as we were a little busy eating, dancing, entertaining etc so for our anniversary we decided to pack a picnic lunch, rent a boat and take the same route 🙂  Well, it was entertaining to say the least, Les being a novice back then and we’ll just say that now it’s a venture for Les and the kids..only!

Understanding the tides is so important, so so important (ask me, I know!!) 

Their best time was this most recent time, going out around 4:00pm and exploring Stanley Park, Lions Gate and seeing the Trade and Convention Centre from the water. 

Don’t forget to pack snacks and drinks, so you can leisurely enjoy the scenery without rushing back 🙂 The evening provides several advantages, the best being the lights of Vancouver from the water; just spectacular.  It can be chilly on the water so make sure to bring a sweater!

The staff at Granville Island Boat Rentals is amazing and they are great at providing instructions, tide information, time lines and directions to local attractions.  Although we aren’t the greatest for planning and better at spontaneity, it’s best to always call ahead.  

Make sure to say hi from Our Crazee Adventure 🙂

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