Coolest Cat in Town

Not too long after we came back to Canada, we had a little redhead adopt us .. and that was it. I was in love!


The first year or so he didn’t come in the RV .. although not because he wasn’t trying .. it took Les more than a minute or two to warm up to him 😉 but once he did that was it for him too  We thought he was a stray, and in a way I suppose he was even though he was liked/loved/spoiled by so many. His name is Nexus (apparently he crosses back and forth across the border here on 0 Ave .. and he makes my heart happy) 

HOWEVER, even with Les loving him as much as he does now, he won’t come in during the night unless it’s winter.  So my big red needed shelter (OTHER THAN THE BIG A/C BOX WE HAD TO KEEP FOR 5 MONTHS BECAUSE HE CLAIMED IT AS HIS BED) .. and that’s where this amazing outside 2 storey cat condo comes in. I couldn’t resist it once I saw it, check this out ..

WINTER IS COMING !!  Have an outside cat?

Then you’ve got to get one of these!


It’s weatherproof with an actual asphalt roof so it will stand up in all weather 🙂  It was easy to put together because it comes with pre-drilled holes; Mack did it in about ½ hr. It has a set of stairs to a patio like 2nd floor as well as an indoor option WITH a side escape hatch, which for me was the reason I got it. The other ones I had looked at or seen only had the front entry door but no other exit, which can be very dangerous if another animal such as a raccoon went inside ..

.. this way they have an emergency exit 

I hope you enjoy yours as much as we (and Nexus) love ours.

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