It wasn’t until we looked back over old posts and pictures that we actually realized how many places we’ve seen so far along this Crazee Adventure.  WOW, just wow!!  However, in looking back we also realized that we wish we had taken more time to just enjoy, take in the sights and adventure through each and every place we went through. 

En route to Mexico, I think we were just in the mindset of get there, GET there, GET THERE !!!  Don’t stop, don’t sightsee, just get to Tulum.  On the way back to Canada, it was a race because Les’ dad had passed away and we (ME) wanted to make it before Christmas (after being delayed for weeks in Tucson) ..

and we did (we arrived Xmas Eve) 🙂

After leaving B.C. Canada, we travelled through Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, New Mexico, into Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and then back through to Texas again before crossing into Mexico at Nuevo Laredo. Through Mexico, we travelled through Saltillo, Querétaro, Puebla, Villahermosa, Progresso and then finally into Tulum .. 

I have to be honest though, I didn’t think we would actually end up moving.  Even after the business sold and the house sold .. I still thought that Les would change his mind.  I so believed it that it wasn’t until we rolled up to the border in the RV and told them we were leaving for Mexico that it hit me ………. ‘holy shit, we’re really doing this!’  But wait, are we?  Nah, we’ll come back after touring the US states .. but, nope we didn’t 🙂

And so began Our Crazee Adventure – Moving to Mexico!

And as you all know, things didn’t quite go as planned .. AT ALL!! 😉

I think back now and I sometimes miss ‘what should have been’ our life in Mexico.  There had come a point not too long after the surgery for the perforation when I hated being there so much that I convinced myself I would get better if I could just get home!  “Please, let’s just go home, I can’t be here anymore!  I’m going to die here!”  Well, I can admit that there were a few things wrong with that line of thinking.  I now realize that life was exactly as it was supposed to be in Mexico, or it wouldn’t have been.  I was in the right place at the right time and today I am alive because of it; although there are times when I have to continually remind myself of that. 

‘Home’ was not just back in Canada.  After being sick and/or in the hospital for most of our time there, I hated everything; if I have to be honest.  I hated Mexico itself and everything about it.  There were (and still are) so many emotions all wrapped up in Mexico, but I now realize that Mexico is home as well, and it always will be.  Perhaps even more so. 

Home is e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e family (and those considered family) are  .. truly .. and love always brings us home! 🙂

Like anything when looking back ..

There are a number of things we would change:

A) We would have lived in Mexico PRIOR to buying land and building a house. B) We would have taken time to enjoy and explore Mexico as we drove through, rather than driving with a mission. C) A better plan ‘B’ for travelling with animals who have accidents. D) We wouldn’t let other peoples ideas and opinions get in our heads; as much 😉 

However, in saying that, there are also a number of things we wouldn’t change:

A) Mack’s experiences – he already has a lifetime of memories & experiences along the way. B) The newest members of our Crazee family – we met some wonderful people along our ‘Mexico Adventure’, especially the doctors who saved my life.  C) The places we explored – I’m thankful for all the places I’ve seen so far. D) The lessons we learned 🙂 –  and oh boy, were some of those doozeys!!!

We still hear the echoes of  ‘you guys are crazy!’ to ‘what are you running from?’ to ‘that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard!’ to ‘how can you leave and support another Country?’ to (my favourite) ‘did you guys join the cartel?’ and so on and so on ..

So .. here goes;

  • YES, we are crazee!  
  • We are running from YOU! (all the takers who know no boundaries)
  • You only think it’s DUMB because you aren’t doing it!  
  • EASY, my country is not supporting me!!!!!! (let’s not get started)
  • NO, we didn’t join the cartel .. .. but I will tell you that every moment I spent in Mexico I felt safer than I ever have here, including when I was in uniform!!!

Stay tuned for

Our Crazee Adventure Costa Rica

.. coming January 2019!!


.. until next time 

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