Take Flight

Les and Mack have gone to countless Air Museums throughout our travels and their favourite (so far) is ‘The Museum of Flight’ in Everett, Washington 🙂

Mack LOVES history, especially history involving aviation of any kind .. (it’s generational so must be a Mitchell thing) 😉 so these 2 storeys of aircraft n’ spacecraft and exhibits n’ artifacts keep him enthralled.

” The Museum of Flight is the largest independent, non-profit air and space museum in the world! “

Make sure you arrive early and have A LOT of time to explore the facility .. you could definitely spend the entire day here!  The exhibits are amazing; there are many aircraft from the 1st & 2nd World Wars, Shuttles, Older Air Force One and the infamous Concord.  It’s easy to get up close & personal with many of the displays 🙂  

Keep in mind .. there are a lot of stairs so wear comfy shoes!  The staff are very helpful and the volunteers have vast knowledge of aircraft history (personal  knowledge & experience) so take time to talk to them 🙂


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