Heating & Cooling

Life as a full timer in a RV comes with its challenges.  Most recently we had been dealing with heating issues … when you’re in a four season climate location, it can present problems.

We tried a number of heating remedies, but none of them seemed to be up to the task.  C’mon, there’s not that much room in these things so surely they can’t be hard to heat right?!  Nuh uh – yes they are!!

  After spending a great deal of time researching (and purchasing a slew of different heaters, we came across a device that provided both the quality &  the versatility we were looking for, plus multiple functions.  We found the Dyson Pure + Cool.

“Automatically removes 99.97% of pollutants & allergens as small as 0.3 microns”


This unit provides a triple function!  First, it’s a heater and what’s cool about it is when you use the heat function it doesn’t have the burnt dust smell (because it has a HEPA filter).  This function is an awesome feature as the HEPA filters the air, reducing effects of pollen, dust, pet dander & more!  Second, it also has an active carbon filter layer that helps remove household odours. Third, it works as a fan to provide air circulation.

Now the real bonus is it links to your phone or applicable device via the Dyson app, allowing you to remotely access and control the device and to monitor a number of device functions.  This unit does not take up a lot of space, it looks very stylish and overall both function and looks are top notch.  Whether you live full time in a RV or boat.   This is a must have for us,  and is definitely one of those things you wish you had bought sooner!

Now we have also used the Dyson vacuum since 2012.  This is also a fantastic device and after 6 + years and tons of use, it’s still going strong (however we did have a battery replaced under warranty).   That being said, it was as simple as calling Dyson and giving the make/model/serial number to them and explaining what the issue was….and they shipped a replacement battery!



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