Grand Design Factory Tour

Indiana, Winter 2018

Taking a RV factory tour is an incredible thing to be able to do, and I’ve been able to take several tours over the last four years of a number of RV manufacturing facilities. Touring the Grand Design RV factory is no short task .. the facility is extremely large. Grand Design RV was opened in 2011; and with a blank canvas they pursued a different way of manufacturing RV’s. They have created a culture for long term personal connection with customers, employees and dealers, creating a unique business model. Their goals are to create long term value with customer focus by staying connected. They have handpicked some of the most experienced work force in order to achieve a good reputation with quality craftsmanship. They have enabled one of the best “pre-delivery” inspection processes in the industry. While touring the factory, I was able to see a number of the company’s manufacturing processes .. from wall construction to the creation of interior components to the assembly of the entire trailer on several product lines.

They also have one of the best manufacture apps for customers and dealers to be able to see all current units they produce, with a detailed photo gallery and trailers’ specs on all of their products! They also offer full paint services on many of their high end products such as Solitude and Momentum 5th wheels. For those of you that are looking for products to use full time, they offer the same warranty coverage as those who only use part time and this sets them aside from a lot of their competition. Buying a RV is no easy task but having the resources at hand makes it a lot easier for everyone 🙂

Once you see just how much space the factory has, you can see they still have plenty of room to expand .. they even offer a warranty service facility on site for their customers and have a number of full hook up sites on premise.

It was interesting to see how much they have grown since my first visit back in 2016, but what’s more interesting to see is how much innovation they have put into how they have expanded! The creativity allowed on all levels to ensure the manufacturing process is very motivating and allows you to see how much productivity can be accomplished in a positive culture/environment 🙂

We hope you enjoy the videos and if you ever have the opportunity to visit a RV Manufacturer, make sure to take a tour .. or even better get a chance to tour the Grand Design RV factory … it is one I highly recommended to take.

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