Because of You

In 2012, we had no idea how our lives would change when we embarked on our ‘early retirement’ adventure.  We encountered a few curveballs, to say the least!  Arriving in Mexico early March 2013, we learned the house was still at least 2 months (which turned into 8 months in the end) away from completion.

We then hit a few unexpected medical and people hiccups but we also had an adventurous 18+ months in paradise. Though some people made things difficult for us we made it through, and although it wasn’t what we planned AT ALL, it was exactly what it needed to be 🙂

Riviera Maya’s Hidden Gem

‘Remembering back is hard because I don’t have many memories, I only have flashes.’ – excerpt.

“I wasn’t expecting to have less patience than I had before however it appears I have even less time for disrespect and other peoples bullshit.” – excerpt.

“I want to embrace what I’m still blessed enough to have so that’s what I’m doing.  I bet you’re thinking I’ve learned what’s important in life right?  Ya’, that’s happened!” – excerpt.

A few weeks ago, on the 5th anniversary of the perforation, we returned to the Riviera Maya to thank those who selflessly went out of their way to ensure we were cared for, we were safe & we had a healing environment.

A wonderful evening of hugs and memories with family & friends (new & old.) As guests left, family remained and when the sun went down the staff and workers came up to eat, drink and dance. As the night ended with abuelita dancing her heart out 😉 we became even more thankful for the key part each and every one played in our lives.

For those who were unable to attend – ‘rain check!’


Until next time ..

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