Canada EH!

Being Canadian (and if you’re Canadian you will know what I mean) comes with some unusual looks, a lot of ridiculous questions & a few common misconceptions. I remember years ago there was a show on tv that I watched with my parents; it was some Q&A with Americans being asked questions about Canada/Canadians and I have to say that to this day it is still one of the funniest things I’ve ever watched.

Yes we have them … but no we don’t all live in one!

Rather than perpetuating the believed falsehoods, let’s just clarify some things 🙂

Canada (Kanata) is a vast country located on the continent of North America and is not part of the United States of America … Although Canada was requested to be joined to America, it was an invitation we turned down. Therefore, Canada is an independent country and again, not part of the US.

Founded July 1st 1867, we are comprised of 10 provinces & 3 territories and by total area we are the 2nd largest country; the majority of our land being forest. Although we are larger by land mass, our population is just small percentage of the US. Our capital is Ottawa, our largest city is Toronto and our official 2nd language is French (English is our 1st).

Can anyone guess what our national dish is?

Over the years, I’ve come to learn that not many outside of Canada know a lot about Canada (for whatever reason – internet blocks to news & information perhaps?). So in the spirit of celebrating Canada’s birthday, here are some things not everyone knows …

“Healthcare is NOT free across Canada. Although changes are in the works for 2020, British Columbians pay for (have always paid for) medical services plan.”

“Canadians are dying by wait, and our wait times along with our doctor shortages have not just put us all in jeopardy, they keep us all in jeopardy. But as we’re so often reminded, if you have money you can pay to have some services sooner rather than being on the 12-18 month+ wait list, but if you don’t have money, well then …”

“They say BC is the best place on earth. Maybe visually, but …”

“British Columbia (BC stands for ‘bring cash’) has become so unaffordable that our youth begin planning their futures elsewhere before they even graduate (this doesn’t include the 700 homeless youth (in just Surrey alone) last year). In Canada, British Columbia has the highest cost of living, the highest insurance costs, the highest taxes, the highest inflation and the highest fuel costs.”

“We celebrate Thanksgiving in October (the start of the harvest). Our first Thanksgiving dates back to 1578, long before the feast at Plymouth in 1621 with the Native Americans & the Pilgrims.”

On a lighter note and back to the show I referenced in the beginning, what gives? We had to learn EVERYTHING about y’all in school, yet you seem to know nothing about us. Here are a few more fun facts about us 😉

  • ICE HOCKEY (enough said).
  • Wayne Gretzky is our great hockey hero.
  • Canada is actually right next door to you.
  • We don’t all live in igloos.
  • We don’t all know Steve in Toronto.
  • We don’t all know George in Vancouver either.
  • The Caesar.
  • We are ‘da boss’ of Maple Syrup.
  • We are the masterminds of Poutine.
  • The Bay of Fundy.
  • The are the creators of the original Tim Hortons.
  • We don’t have a president.
  • The Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
  • We too have a wall, around Quebec City.
  • We are too polite.
  • Smarties/Dunkaroos.
  • RYAN REYNOLDS (mic drop).
Great & Canadian!
Canadian & Great!
Happy Birthday Canada! Please celebrate responsibly.
Be Safe!

Thank you Tim Hicks for saying it better than anyone 😉

A little bit more of beautiful British Columbia ..

Happy Canada Day!

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