Factory Tours

I have been full-timing for more than 7 years now and having the ability to see how much has changed during that time has been a fantastic advantage to being also part of the industry. Traveling to the RV factories, and getting this all in during 6 or 7 days can be a lot to take on. It’s getting up very very really really early to catch a flight to Chicago from Vancouver, BC (or out of Seattle, WA in some cases) and then it’s the long drive from Chicago to Southbend, Indiana. We get up early every day and tour a number of manufacturers over 5 days, so lots and lots of walking is involved but it’s great knowing the company you work for ensures this is possible for us; as many others I know in the industry never get this opportunity; an opportunity that allows us the ability to offer a better understanding of the product we sell to our customers. The education we receive during the processes of touring the different factories & facilities is second to none. We continue to see firsthand how they are improving, changing and designing the units, also allowing us to keep up to date on each of the Manufacturers we represent. 

Over the past 5 years, I’ve had the pleasure of touring a number of different RV manufactures. This can be and has been very educational, giving me the chance to learn about how much really goes into each and every facet of the processes.

Although RV’s have stayed the same in many ways, they have evolved with a lot of new innovations as well. Nowadays with the use of many electronics, more and more things have been added to RVs to assist a client’s use. Things such as USB ports, blue tooth devices, digital antennas, wifi expanders just to name a few. Also lately, newer styled appliances,  LED lights, more plugs, solar power, and invertors all depend on model and manufacturer. 

Speaking of travel, we love to travel to distant places and it can sometimes be a real pain with airport security, baggage limits, etc. Frankly, the entire process of going to the airport, getting through security, sitting on the aircraft for hours, travel to the hotel/accommodations, etc and then the exact in reverse can leave one feeling like they need a vacation to recover from their vacation. Sometimes you just want to get away knowing it’s your space, your bed, your bathroom, and your stuff and lately it seems more and more people are jumping into RVs ready to explore while still enjoying their own comfort. Some people are weekend warriors, others love to venture a little longer and some do as we have been doing .. simply enjoying it so much they full time.

This most recent trip for me was about Motorhomes. It included visiting the Jayco Motorhome factory, a few days at Newmar Corporation, a tour of the MORryde Chassis plant, the Magnitude factory and a visit to the Furrion building. I also had the chance to revisit the RV/MH Hall of Fame and the Tippecanoe Place Restaurant, neither of which disappoint. 

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